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Alicia Lesniak

B.Arch, BES

Since joining Nicholson Sheffield Architects Inc. in 2017, Alicia Lesniak has served as our resident Intern Architect. With over two decades of experience in the field of architecture, she brings with her considerable experience in various types of projects, from small-scale commercial and residential interior design and renovations to large-scale multi-family residential and commercial developments and institutional buildings. Her extensive experience in all levels of the design process, leading projects from concept design through to project completion make her a valuable asset to our team.

As a designer, Alicia understands the need for balance between design intent and the reality of site conditions, project budgets and regulatory restrictions. She is client oriented and understand the importance of budgetary and functional needs that must be met in order to satisfy project goals. As well, she has a particular interest in sustainable design, having experience with LEED projects.

Alicia holds two degrees: a Bachelor of Environmental Studies and a Bachelor of Architecture, both from the University of Waterloo. Since graduating, she has travelled extensively throughout Canada, working in various firms in Ontario, British Columbia and the Yukon. When not working, Alicia enjoys being active within her community by volunteering in various local groups as well as mentoring youth in the architectural field.

Alicia is an accomplished individual in the architectural field and it is with her experience, balanced with a unique and creative insight, that we are delighted to have at Nicholson Sheffield Architects Inc.