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Jim Sheffield

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John Nicholson

Madisyn Latham

BA (Hons), MA

Madisyn is the Director of First Impressions at Nicholson Sheffield Architects Inc. She holds an Honours Bachelor of Arts in Communications Studies, a Graduate Certificate in Public Relations, as well as a Master of Arts in Journalism and Communications.

Before joining Nicholson Sheffield Architects Inc., Madisyn worked as a Communications Consultant for Acrobatiq Inc., an education technology start-up based out of Pittsburgh.  There, she had the opportunity to wear many hats, acting as social media manager, website developer and content writer.

Madisyn has been recognized for her work in the communications field, most recently as a semi-finalist at the Emerge Media Awards in the Public Relations category. She was also awarded the Dr. Abbas Homayed Communications Studies Scholarship for her undergraduate thesis project. 

We are excited to have Madisyn’s experience and passion for communications on board the Nicholson Sheffield Architects Inc. team.