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London, Ontario

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Jim Sheffield

Gerald Gallacher

Walter Derhak

John Nicholson

Mark Graham
B.Arch, BA (Hons)

Mark is an Intern Architect with over 25 years of experience in the construction industry. Originating from Northern Ireland, Mark moved to Canada in 2014 and worked in Saskatchewan as an Architectural Technologist prior to joining Nicholson Sheffield Architects Inc. Before moving abroad, Mark worked in a variety of positions in the Architectural sector, contributing to many large-scale residential, commercial, and industrial projects, valued upwards of $450 million. 

As a lifelong learner, Mark has numerous academic certifications. He first received his Business & Finance Certificate from Eastbourne Technical College, then a Building & Construction Certificate from Lisburn Technical College. After graduating, Mark enrolled in his BA (Hons) in Architecture, followed directly by his Bachelor of Architecture, both from the University of Humberside, in the UK. 

Mark is an extremely talented designer with strong technical ability. He is able to effectively manage projects and is proficient in Autocad, Revit, Vectorworks, Photoshop, Sketchup, Canute, PDS, and Drawing Express.