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Walter Derhak, Principal


Walter Derhak is a Principal of Nicholson Sheffield Architects Inc. He acts as a team lead and client-liaison for many of our projects, bringing a collaborative approach to working with clients and an aptitude for resolving complicated design considerations.

Walter has designed a number of highly-specialized projects for health care providers, labs, and other clients which require rigorous attention to detail in their design. He is adept at the design of working process within a new or existing space, and the process of working with clients to design projects that are completely fit-to-purpose (which involves a comprehensive understanding of the client and their specific needs). Walter also offers clients a breadth of experience with construction budgeting, and implementing functional programs within new and existing facilities.

Walter completed his Bachelor of Architecture at the University of Waterloo in 1993, winning the Kaderali Prize for Excellence for House as Thesis in his graduating year. He has more than two decades of professional experience, having worked in Ottawa before joining the firm. Walter is Vice-Chair of the London Society of Architects and OAA Councillor, VP Practice.