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Jim Sheffield

Gerald Gallacher

Walter Derhak

John Nicholson

637 Dundas Street Housing

London, Ontario

This mixed-use infill project in the Old East Village of London has helped reinvigorate the surrounding neighbourhood, introducing new opportunities for retail and residential space. It replaced a derelict building and lot.

There are two key programmatic components to the project: 73 not-for-profit seniors housing units in two blocks, and 8 retail tenant spaces; all of which are supported by parking and landscaped areas. The housing component also includes a number of accessible units and a variety of unit types and sizes.

This project was designed with a focus on sustainable design; utilizing solar collectors at the top of the apartment building, and ground source point wells for heating and cooling. The project was recognized with an Honourable Mention in the 2013 City of London Urban Design Awards.