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358 Talbot Street

London, Ontario

N6A 2R6

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Jim Sheffield

Gerald Gallacher

Walter Derhak

John Nicholson

725-751 Fanshawe Park Road West Commercial

London, Ontario

This project takes the design of a classic strip mall typology and turns it inside-out. Instead of putting a large lot between the mall and the street, the buildings are located around a parking court, with landscaping and pedestrian walkways. Entrances for the surrounding retail, restaurant, offices, and personal services are located in three separate buildings around the courtyard.

The front block faces Fanshawe Park Road with columned canopies on both sides for street animation, access, and tenant signage. Our firm designed a number of the tenant spaces.

This project was awarded a 2013 Don Smith Commercial Building Award for Excellence in the Commercial new build category.