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Biology & Geology Sciences Building Renovation

Western University

Our firm designed major upgrades for Western University’s Biology & Geology Sciences Building to provide modern planning, systems, technology, and infrastructure, while still maintaining the building’s architectural connection with the surrounding campus. These tasks were accomplished while working within the limits of the existing structure and addressing the needs of the faculty and researchers involved. 

Renovations to the building included abatement of designated substances and demolition of interior spaces to allow for a modular reorganization of laboratories, classrooms, faculty and graduate student offices, along with a complete replacement of all the building’s mechanical and electrical systems. The building’s mechanical penthouse was also altered and expanded. The renovation was orchestrated into four phases, allowing for ongoing use of the building during construction.

The addition and renovations our firm designed for the Biology & Geology Sciences Building at Western covered 141,770 square-feet. This four-phase project was completed between 2005 and 2010.