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Dental Sciences Building Renovation

Western University

The Dental Sciences Building Addition for Western University is a four-storey building containing a dental clinic, reception area, offices, and research labs.  Our firm originally provided design for this addition (with Shore Tilbe Irwin & Partners) including 14,000 square-feet of renovations. The addition housed a pediatric clinic, sterilization suite, laboratories, locker rooms, and a dental clinic that provided a strong link to the community.

Since the completion of the addition, NSA has designed a variety of renovations that update the building to meet the needs of a changing faculty. Our firm designed a change-of-use project for the building that updates an area of the dental clinic into a General Anaesthetic surgical dental suite with pre-op and post-op recovery space, as well as supporting auxiliary spaces. 



The surgical suites were completed to the rigorous design requirements of CSA Z.8000 (a national baseline for design in health care). They are intended to relieve pressure from the surgical suites at London hospitals. The environment of the surgical suites is similar to a hospital setting, allowing familiarity of surroundings for the surgical staff and anaesthesiologist.