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Regional Mental Health Care Enabling Works

London and St. Thomas, Ontario

With the foresight that it would facilitate completion of the larger Regional Mental Health Care project, our firm recommended certain site-specific enabling works as part of our work as Planning Design and Compliance Team Lead for the project. Our firm was then engaged to facilitate these enabling works projects in both London and St. Thomas.

The Regional Mental Health Care Facility at St. Joseph’s Parkwood campus involved one of the largest site-development projects undertaken in the City’s history, prior to the construction of the new hospital. Enabling works included: construction of sewers, stormwater management, roadways, surface parking, a parking garage, a power plant expansion, and utilities such as steam and condensate return, and communication lines. 



Our team prepared a practical servicing design, accommodating field conditions, logistical considerations, and budget. We also provided design for the power plant expansion and the exterior of the site’s new parking structure to set the design standard and material palette for the future Mental Health Facility (HDR acted as the architect of record for the parking structure).

In St. Thomas, our firm provided prime consultant services for site servicing, demolition of existing structures, and soil remediation to facilitate the construction of the Southwest Centre for Forensic Mental Health Care. The site servicing in St. Thomas also included re-design for sanitary services on site.

Designs for both sites were reviewed and approved by the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care.