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St. André Bessette Catholic Secondary School

London, Ontario

Designed for the London District Catholic School Board, this new school is the first significant construction in a newly developed residential area in northwest London. The main entrance is on a curving section of Tokala Trail. A drop-off area pulls the vehicular interface with the community safely off the street. The building’s chapel anchors the front façade and makes clear that faith is a central element in school life.


school exterior


The school also “fronts” a major roadway on its south side, where the building is seen from behind its outdoor athletic field. The most dominant feature of the south elevation is a courtyard, centrally located to allow natural light into the heart of the school and to serve as an outdoor gathering space. This space glows during evening events. A bus drop-off is also located near this space.



A ‘Learning Commons’ has been designed at the core of the building’s interior. This area functions as a central shared-atrium, where students may study and socialize. The space is surrounded by central corridors, and is adjacent to the school’s library.

This large building has been broken into a number of variously sized masses, responding to the programing within. The parking is laid-out in several areas surrounding the school, providing green space more evenly and to provide more direct access to the school.

In 2013, the project was awarded a Don Smith Commercial Building Award for Excellence in the “Institutional Community” Category by the London / St. Thomas Association of Realtors. The school was also recognized with the provincial Ontario Masonry Design Award for Architectural Design.