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Support Services Building

Western University

Constructed as part of Western University’s restructuring to create academic spaces at the core of the campus, this mixed-use administrative facility contains offices and other facilities for a number of the University’s supporting departments.

The building consists of an upper three-storey building on Western Road, linked to a five-story building at the rear through a bridge containing meeting rooms and common spaces. The upper building also contains an atrium with a spiral stair. 



The lowest floor of the rear building incorporates numerous high-bay spaces for the a number of workshops that support the University (i.e. grounds maintenance, vehicle maintenance, plumbing, mechanical, electrical, and woodworking). These shops allow for easy access of equipment, vehicles, and personnel. The building is designed for vertical expansion.

The building has been recognized for its unique integration with a hillside site, and its positive relationship with foot-traffic on Western Road. This project won the City of London Urban Design Award in 2010.