Projects + Healthcare + Dental Sciences Building, Western University

Dental Sciences Building, Western University

NSA provided designs for Western University’s Dental Sciences Building addition, in collaboration with Shore Tilbe Irwin & Partners. The project included 14,000 sq. ft. of renovations within the four-storey building and features a dental clinic, reception area, offices, and research labs. The design also accommodates a pediatric clinic, sterilization suite, laboratories, and locker rooms, all intended to provide stronger services for the community. Since the completion of the building addition, NSA has designed a variety of renovations to help further update the building and meet the needs of the developing faculty. A change-of-use project was designed to transition the dental clinic into a General Anesthetic Surgery Suite with pre- and post-op recovery spaces and auxiliary support areas. The surgical suites were completed to the rigorous design requirements of CSA Z.8000, a national baseline for design in health care. The environment of the surgical suites are similar to a hospital setting, replicating a familiar environment for the surgical staff and anesthesiologists. These additions are intended to relieve pressure from the surgical suites at London hospitals.