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The London Roundhouse

The London Roundhouse was built in 1887 and was originally constructed to service locomotives. The industrial landmark saw through different uses over the years, acting as a home for a fruit warehouse and even a restaurant. With a long-standing community history, the NSA renovation project set out to reinvigorate the heritage building while expanding its use as a contemporary space. The firm sought to showcase the best aspects of the existing building and its inner architectural facets. By adding interior structures and informal work-areas that featured raw “industrial” interventions, the design helped animate and enhance the radial nature of the Roundhouse. Steel, heavy wood, and glass structures pay homage to its industrial past. The building’s large arched doors were replaced and can now be opened. The renovation also makes use of the space’s height – with multi-level meeting rooms and work areas that maintain a visual relationship with the rest of space. The current renovated building was designed to house a digital marketing company; the business generously shares the Roundhouse space to support a variety of community events including theatre, concerts, and other social gatherings. The overall design and planning goals for the Roundhouse seek to accommodate further expansions to the building, additional spaces for businesses and a multi-storey residential tower. Ultimately, the effort to further develop the Roundhouse is aimed at creating a community catalyst that preserves the heritage of the City of London. This project was recognized with a 2015 Paul Oberman Award for Adaptive Re-Use and a national Ecclesiastical Insurance Cornerstone Award for Building Heritage