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Zerin 440 Clarke Road

Zerin 440 Clarke Road is one of the many affordable housing projects that Nicholson Sheffield takes pride in designing. Our office was commissioned to design a building that could be made adaptable to as many people as possible. The site was a vacant lot in a residential neighbourhood, with a few businesses located within walking distance.

The result was a four story, L-shaped building that has 65 units. 57 units are one-bedroom, and  and 8 are two-bedroom.  34 of the one-bedroom units are either barrier free,  or can be adapted for those who require assistive devices. The parking lot, located to the rear of the building, has 62 parking spaces, with space from drop off and deliveries out of the way of residents’ parking.

The building will have a common courtyard and a common area, storage for 82 bicycles, and a laundry room on each floor. 


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