IN MEMORY, Gerald Gallacher


Dear Friends and Colleagues,

It is with deep sadness that I share the news of Gerald’s passing. The unexpected news of his cancer diagnosis in late December 2020 was a sudden shock and disappointment to all that knew him. We all know Gerald as a genuine person with a big heart who would battle this with all his might. It is difficult to comprehend how quickly his life was taken. There are no words that can express the loss of our friend, partner, and mentor. Thank you to everyone for your heartfelt support and words of kindness that have been conveyed.

I first met Gerald some 20 years ago upon completing my Architecture degree at the University of Toronto. It was a Saturday morning in an empty store located in the Galleria Mall, where Gerald was presenting one of his architecture projects as part of his journey through the RAIC Syllabus Program. We slowly came to know one another through that initial introduction, and years later when I became a partner in the firm, we connected over a discussion about the future that contemplated his coming to join me. It is incredible that I have had the good fortune of having great partners – first John Nicholson, and then Gerald.

My relationship with Gerald was both personal and professional. We quickly became best friends, spending many hours collaborating on projects and enjoying life. Our collective love of golf allowed us numerous opportunities to spend hours together with many laughs. His wit and humor have provided me with wonderful memories of our time together. Gerald was always quick with one-liners that will remain with me forever.

A funny habit that most people will not know about was the uncanny ability we seemed to have when dining out. Without so much of a word to the other, we would almost consistently order the same item from the menu every time. This became so commonplace that one of us could order for the other. Gerald was like a brother to me.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Nadine, Aidan, Jaimeson, and the Gallacher family. Although it will be difficult to imagine our lives without Gerald, I am truly thankful that he was an important part of my life and will cherish the memories of our time together.

Jim Sheffield