Projects + In Progress + Tweedsmuir Public School

Tweedsmuir Public School

Tweedsmuir Public School, located in South East London, was commissioned in 2018 for a remodel. Nicholson Sheffield won the bid and began to create renderings for the community. The design for the renovation includes a new entrance to the school, which will double in height and becoming the main welcoming area, complete with new technology and a new staircase to the second floor. The old gymnasium will be completely renovated and turned into a new, two-story learning commons. Many new windows will be opened in the walls, opening the space to natural light and giving an open view to the athletic field behind the school. A new gymnasium will be erected and attached to the rear of the school to create a larger and more modern space. Nicholson Sheffield is also renovating two entire wings to create a better space for staff and full day kindergarten classes. The staff space will be opened, renewed with new technology and furnishings. We will bring more light into the space to increase the mental well-being of the staff who support the children. The full-day kindergarten classes will back on to the playground, providing immediate access during recesses for the children to expend their energy. Other renovations will include AODA compliance, including a new ramp for accessibility purposes, improving the quality of life for any children who utilize assistive devices. We will also be creating a safe drop site for school buses, fire truck entrance, additional parking, reopening previously closed off windows, and improving or adding environmentally friendly aspects to the building.