Nicholson Sheffield Architects is pleased to announce the appointment of three new Associate Principals: Hillary Little, Dustin Parkes and John Ly.

Hillary Little has proven to be a driven and eager member of the team since joining the firm over five years ago. Hillary is a passionate architect who is always willing to help other staff members out when needed. Her ongoing and fervent pursuit to develop her own skills in all areas of the profession has made her an invaluable asset to the firm. Hillary is a true professional, demonstrating tact and competence in all her interactions.

Dustin Parkes is a devoted and studious architect whose passion for the profession shines through in all his interactions. Dustin is well-versed in all aspects of our process and has played a prominent role is establishing the firm’s standards over the past five years. A methodical and diligent worker, he also displays an exceptional sense of humour with his team members, making them laugh with his dry wit. Perhaps most importantly, with every project he completes, Dustin is enthusiastic about sharing his insights and lessons learned with the team to help others achieve success.

John Ly has been an integral part of NSA for over ten years. He is an effective and trusted leader at the firm who inspires his colleagues regularly with his ongoing mentorship. He is known for building successful, positive relationships with clients, collaborators and team members alike. John has been influential in furthering the firm’s leadership in the recreation, health, and education sectors. A big picture thinker, John works diligently to raise the bar on both the firms’ projects team members’ skills.

We are also proud to announce the appointment of two new Associates, Emma Agiri and Petar Sesar.

Emma Agiri joined our team following her graduation from college and has relentlessly worked to maximize her impact on the firm and its portfolio ever since. Emma is deeply committed to developing her skillset and honing her knowledge in all aspects of architecture. Emma shows incredible dedication to her field, and her organizational skills and attention to detail are unmatched, allowing her to juggle multiple priorities confidently. Emma’s extensive knowledge makes her a natural leader among her peers, and she always makes time to help others develop their own skills.

Petar Sesar has more than a decade of practical experience in the architectural and interior design fields. He has worked on a wide variety of planning and development projects from initial feasibility studies through to completion of construction. His passion for the profession motivates Petar to display an elevated level of professionalism on all projects. Known for his technical aptitude and keen attention to detail, Petar is someone we can always count on to deliver exceptional results.