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North Campus Building, UWO

NSA has worked with Western University on a variety of different projects, so the prospect to redesign 23,000 sq. ft. of the second floor of Western’s North Campus Building was an exciting project to undertake.

Key components of the 2nd floor renovation called for a design that created bright open areas and provided innovative learning commons with modern technologies. Another primary focus was to ensure the spaces had flexible configurations while mindful of the existing building system and structure. Our design for the Faculty of the Science was able to accommodate an ample number of different spaces including: administrative and faculty offices, Dean’s suite, collaborative space, teleconference and technology-rich meeting rooms, lounges, and academic counselling rooms.

To provide the best experience, we equipped ourselves with a full consultant team and costing to ensure the project worked tightly to budget. Throughout the entirety of the project, we have worked very closely with Western University and collaborated with a diverse set of user groups. We encouraged Western stakeholders to take an active role in the design development phase. Collaboration with Western was essential to determine furniture solutions and learning AV systems. Through these interactions, we gained increasing familiarity with Western, University user groups, and Western Facilities.

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