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London Health Sciences Centre Power Plant

The Power Plant expansion consisted of a 1,700m2 addition, designed as part of the larger enabling works project for the Regional Mental Health Care building. It expanded the capacity of the existing district energy system; the development of additional steam and electrical power to the hospitals was intended to fulfill long-term projected growth requirements for both the LHSC and SJHC. The project involved meticulous coordination of all services for both base building and process mechanical and electrical, to ensure barrier free access to the building. The expansion houses an 80,000 lbs-per-hour steam boiler to increase the plant’s steam generating capacity. The steam is piped through the rear and routed to the existing Parkwood Hospital and the RMHC London Facility. The design also accommodates space for a gas turbine, central control room, offices, and a lunchroom. The utilitarian design of the expansion allows natural light to penetrate deep into the building via raised windows, well-thought out workspaces, and abundant internal glazing. These touches create a pleasant environment for the plant’s staff, while conserving electricity.