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Fanshawe College CARIB Labs

Nicholson Sheffield was hired to create a new science centre for Fanshawe College in 2018. We created the Centre for Advanced Research in Biotechnology at Fanshawe College, which updated their 28,750 sq. ft. science and technology lab. Adding approximately 13,000 sq ft of new labs for teaching physics, chemistry, biology. We've also added a new biosafety "Level II" tissue culture facilities and laboratories.  The project involved a major interior renovation of existing office and classroom space into advanced teaching and industry partner research laboratories and administrative spaces. The construction is multi-phased to accommodate the academic schedule within the building.  Spaces were planned within the constraints of existing circulation and building infrastructure. The new chemistry labs have made space for new instrumentation. These instruments included liquid chromatography, gas chromatography, mass spectroscopy, atomic absorption, and FT-IR. The new space also has designated room for Fanshawe's industry partners. That includes three offices, and 900 Sq-ft of "Level II" laboratory space. It also offers access to a 400 sq-ft cell culturing lab and facilities. The purpose of the industry space is to create direct access to industrial and privatized scientific programs for the students and faculty. This creates exposure so the students can see what a corporate laboratory work will entail. These industrial partners will be agri-food industry related.