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Middlesex Hospital Alliance

Our firm has held the position of Middlesex Hospital Alliance’s Vendor of Record for architectural services since 2011. NSA has covered projects at both Strathroy Middlesex General Hospital (SMGH) and Four Counties Health Services. We have worked collaboratively with the hospital and its staff on a variety of projects, providing more than just designs. Over the years we have shared our professional knowledge and strategic planning; providing advice on materials and code, manifesting itself into support for smaller projects. NSA has completed an array of renovations for MHA:
  • SGH Emergency Department renovation, without closure
  • A new ambulatory care clinic
  • Upgrade projects at Four Counties: accessible washrooms and replacements for patios, windows, and doors
  • Re-cladding for SMGH
  • Fireproofing abatement and ceiling installation of SMGH nursing units, without closure
We have been celebrated by the hospital staff for our ability to meet their functional needs while preventing closures. Our ability to collaborate with their stakeholders and respect their project budgets has ensured their repeat business.