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Nicholson Sheffield Architects Inc. Office

Formerly a second-storey tractor repair shop, the once dark and fire damaged industrial building was given an opportunity to breath fresh air with NSA as its new tenant. The space destined to become our firm’s office had remained boarded-up and derelict for years but was simply awaiting a grand renovation and NSA’s award-winning concepts. With the collaboration of the building’s owner, NSA sought to revitalize the space while grounding the design in its existing structure. With contemporary and functional in mind, the firm wanted to show off the best of what was present in the building. Bowstring trusses were painted and made into the office’s dominant visual. Old skylights were revived and re-opened to brighten the office space, and the original brick walls and wood ceiling were soda-blasted to refresh the raw material present during the building’s past life. Additions to the modernized studio include offices and meeting rooms on each side. A steel-framed conference room with glass and sliding doors were designed to create a private meeting space while maintaining an open and inviting feel. The NSA office has become a part of the symbolic reinvigorated downtown area, gracing the cover of London City Life magazine as “London’s Hippest New Address” and considered one of “London’s most beautiful” workspaces by local news. The NSA’s office project received national recognition and was presented the Design Exchange Bronze Award in 2011.