Projects + Commercial + StarTech


The StarTech development was a design/build project. Nicholson Sheffield participated at the design stage only. Having a previously worked successfully with StarTech, NSA was asked to reinvent the original building. StarTech is a global success story and the design elements of the new building showcase the company‚Äôs spectacular growth. A new, 3-storey model designed to connect with and alter the existing buildings accommodates flexible work areas at its center. Supporting rooms are located along the north and south edges of the space. The glazed west wall allows plenty of light into the open offices. Other additions include a new entry, stairs, coffee and copy areas, and a large recreational space. The exterior of the building has been upgraded. This better contributes to the new spaces, while complimenting the original building. Its exterior has been changed to emphasize its city entrance to the west. This entry faces Veterans Memorial Boulevard. Solid fins define the separate volumes, lapping the now transparent main floor. This feature recalls the rhythm of windows from the first building, tying the old to the new.