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Residenza Italia

Residenza Italia is a not-for-profit seniors’ housing project designed to provide senior tenants an affordable place to live. The building was designed to foster a sense of community aimed at those “who enjoy celebrating Italian traditions and culture within the context of Canadian society”. The main entry is situated mid-way down a hill, the building’s three-storey entry block gives way to a five-storey building filled with 52 units. The interior corridors have significant glazing for improved way-finding and brightness. Complimenting the stairwells and hallways, glass helps punctuates the building allowing for excellent transparency and light. Despite the building’s location on a slope, the upper entry allows vehicular access for resident drop-off, deliveries, and accessibility to the nearby bus stop. Parking and service access is located at the lower part of the building and hidden from the road. The building is clad in brick and metal panels, defining individual apartments within the massing of the larger building. Many of the indoor and outdoor common areas are located in naturally-visible public spaces with river valley views. This project has been recognized with a City of London Urban Design Award and a Don Smith Commercial Building Award for Excellence.